Atom Miner is an easy-to-use processor-based bitcoin mining client. The main idea of mining was portability, which in turn makes it easier to work (without creating.bat files). Atom Miner is based on the Getwork Protocol Limits protocol for connecting to pools and miners with a higher hashrate.Of the main pools, we note testing on the slushpool pool. It was also tested on several GETWORK sites, and showed stable results.
GitHub: https:// atom-miner/atomminer/releases/tag/v1.0

How to use it?
All you need to start is to go to the "Select Pool" and enter the value of your pool with your miner
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After setting up the pool, click the "Start" button.
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During mining, the user can check the current performance and its schedule on the performance tab. Everything is ready, it remains only to observe and configure graphics in the pool itself to improve the hashrate speed. We can also advise various mining tablets for hashrate speed.
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