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Sikdex — Centralized Exchange was established in December 2022, Sikdex has transformed itself from a mid-range Exchange to become one of the top Exchanges in the world.Sikdex has been rated by The Ascent as the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange and Application of 2023.

Sikdex has more than 500 assets and more than 1,100 trading pairs, serving more than 5 million users worldwide. Sikdex has been building and consolidating a friendly, close-knit system to reach many users from all walks of life so that anyone can use Sikdex without any hesitation.

In order to reach millions of users, security, KYC are extremely important, and Sikdex has also built a 24/7 user support system. Not only that, Sikdex’s interface is extremely easy to use so that anyone, even a beginner in Crypto trading, can use it most easily.